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Welcome to Baraboo Tours

Baraboo Tours offers Rickshaw rides and walking tours of Baraboo.  From Circus history to the ghosts that put the Boo in Baraboo.  Baraboo Tours has it all.  Don't like to walk ?  All tours are available as a Rickshaw ride .    Tours start at 417 Ash Street, Baraboo. 

Call 608-963-2821.

Historic Walking Tour of Downtown Baraboo:  Come and follow in the footsteps of the Ringling Brothers and see the legacy they left behind. Easy walking tour. Call to book a walk.   Cost is $5 for the month of August!! This tour is also available as a Rickshaw Ride,  $20 for two people.   -  Call- 608-963-2821 for details.  Tour available Memorial Day to Labor Day.  11:00 am on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Tours start at 417 Ash Street. 

Churches of Baraboo:  Stroll through Baraboo's history and see the churches of the downtown.  We will visit the inside of four churches and hear about the history of the building.  Great tour for those who love old churches.   Tours by appointment.  Also available as a Rickshaw Ride.  Call for details.

Haunted Downtown Walk:   Does Baraboo have ghosts ?  Yes it does.  Hear the stories about the ghosts that have  ( and still do )  roam the downtown area.  Bring your camera , you may capture the ghost that put the boo in Baraboo.     Cost is $10 if booked online.  $12 at the door.  Tours available Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 7:00 pm and 8:30 pm.  Additional  tour available on Sunday at 8:00 pm.   Tour starts at 417 Ash Street 

Rickshaw Rides:  Enjoy a ride around historic downtown Baraboo.   Tour are only $20 for two people.  Call to book your tour.  We also offer  Haunted rides , Churches of Baraboo and much more by appointment.  Call 608-963-2821 to book your ride.

Spirit Walk: This tour starts at 300 Water Street at Driftless Glen Distillery.  Here you will take a tour of the distillery , then sample 5 locally distilled spirits.  We will then take you on a stroll through Baraboo's most haunted section arriving at Con Amici Wine bar 126 3rd street.  Here you will sample 3 wines of spooky origins and hear about the spirits of the building.     This tour is only for people over 21.  $26 per person.  Tour limited to 10 people per tour.     Call ahead to reserve your spot.  Tours run Memorial Day to Labor Day .  Wednesday , Thursday and Friday at 7:00 pm. 

River Spirits -  This tour starts at 300 Water Street in front of Driftless Glen.   Do you like Ghost Adventures or Ghost Hunters ?  Then this tour is for you.  We will hand out paranormal equipment and take you on a walk along Water street to try and make contact with the Spirits of Ringlingville.   If you have paranormal hunting equipment , you are welcome to bring it.  Tour is offered on Saturday's only at 8:30 pm. Cost is $10 if booked online and $12 at the door.  Tours available Memorial Day to Labor Day.  



These times and date don't work for you?  Call for a private tour.  Call or e-mail to schedule your tour. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.